Mike Vance FAQs

How on Earth can I hire Mike?

There are many ways. One would be to click on the link here. Another is to hang around seedy nightspots with a brunette and a bag of cash.

What does Mike do in his spare time?

Mike has many hobbies like reading and collecting books, collecting sports memorabilia, picking up dog hair and hanging out with friends.

Picking up dog hair? What does he do with it?

Mike has two large dogs with lots of hair. On average, they shed enough to make an entire third dog every twelve days. Mike often sells the extra dog for spare change.

Boxers or briefs?

No, one's a Golden Retriever/Collie mix and the other is mostly Shepherd and Bloodhound.

Is Mike really producing a movie?

Yes. Mike is not only producing, but also writing, narrating and nominally directing Stand Up Story, a history of Houston comedy. It will be both informative and hysterical. Want to invest?

Did I go to high school with Mike?

Doubtful, he spent most of his "school" time in the vice principal's office, on the golf course at Quail Valley, or wolfing down burgers at the Viking Den.

Giving Rocket a few pointers on the splitter.