Some Workshop comics from about 1988

Stand-up Comedian

Mike Vance started comedy when he was only seventeen. He was the first stand-up ever on stage at Houston's famous Comedy Workshop, staying there from 1978 till the joint closed in 1990. Over the years, Mike has appeared nationally on Showtime, A&E and ComedyCentral and has headlined clubs in thirty something states and five countries. He's opened for scores of big acts like The Temptations, Chet Atkins, Stephane Grappelli, Maynard Ferguson, The Kingston Trio and The Righteous Brothers. Today, in addition to a few club dates, he does lots of corporate shows and private parties using his improv skills to interact with the audience. Besides straight stand-up, Mike does "gag expert" appearances where he tricks the entire audience at once into believing he's their new consultant. It's great fun for any business group. Hey, the Tulsa World called Mike "one of the great unsung comics in this country". Then again, they live in Oklahoma.


Moore, Mike, Bun, Hicks, Silva & Sam

What Comedy Theatre

In the early 1990's, Mike founded the improv group, What Comedy Theatre, along with Dee Macaluso, Deb Hope and John Swasey. Their regular Sunday night shows at the old Boatyard became almost a cult event. With piano genius Jonathan Benjamin providing the music, they made up some top-notch songs to go with the always hysterical comedy. The group still gets together for corporate shows today when someone wants an improv show that really focuses on being funny. His improvisational skills shine through in his stand-up and in the band performances, too. There's no one better at talking to the crowd. That, combined with his ability to incorporate information about companies, bosses and employees makes him a sought after speaker and entertainer at any type of business function.




The PC Cowboys at a real Texas hall

The PC Cowboys

Originally a by-product of the improv shows, The Politically Correct Cowboys quickly took on a life of their own. The act mixes original funny music with comedy bits, both written and not. The band has two CDs out already and has been lucky enough to get some nice radio airplay here and there. Of course, doing this material, they aren't going to use their real names. That's why you'll see a whole new world with the Cowboys. Mike's alter ego is Hamshire Fannett, the lead singer. I mean, Willie Nelson liked them enough to have them play at his Fourth of July Picnic up in Luckenbach. They are currently on permanent hiatus, but you can read about them in The PC Cowboy book that Mike wrote. The PC website has been taken down, so you can e-mail directly to purchase remaining merchandise.